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12 years deep- the biggest, best, and most long-standing video talent search in skiing is back and better than ever!

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The original video talent search contest and still the biggest and best! Started back in 2004 as a way to give talented skiers a chance to gain exposure, sponsorship, and a shot at filming with Level 1, Superunknown set out to provide an alternate route to exposure outside of the traditional competition scene. 


Over a decade later the players have changed but the game is still the same- each year Level 1 receives nearly one hundred entries from around the globe from the most skilled and talented amateurs hoping to take the coveted title.


Past Superunknown winners include:


2004 Superunknown I      Corey Vanular
2005 Superunknown II     JD Zicat
2006 Superunknown III   Michael Clarke
2007 Superunknown IV   Tom Wallisch
2008 Superunknown V     Jon Brogan
2009 Superunknown VI   Niklas Eriksson
2010 Superunknown VII   Logan Imlach
2011 Superunknown VIII  Sig Tveit
2012 Superunknown IX    Lucas Stal-Madison
2013 Superunknown X     Magnus Granér
2014 Superunknown XI   Mitchell Brower


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Introducing the first installment of Level 1's FilmerUnknown contest! The flip side of the Superunknown contest designed to hook up opportunities and help blow up amateur filmers!

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