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Can I get an internship at Level 1?

Can I get sponsored by Level 1?

Can I get stickers?

Do you hire?

Do you produce other content besides skiing?

Do you ship to my country?

How can I become an athlete for Level 1?

How can I find shops in my town, that sell Level 1 merch?

How can I get in touch with one of the athletes?

How do I become a filmer for Level 1?

How do I become a pro skier?

What brands do you carry in the Level 1 store?

What cameras do you use?

What editing software do you use?

Where is my order?

Can I get an internship at Level 1? [Back to Top]

Yup. We frequently offer internships throughout the year, but please don’t contact us if you’re looking for us to teach you how to film, edit, think its an opportunity to go skiing with Tom Wallisch. Our internships are awesome learning experiences for hardworking and driven people looking to get their feet wet, but you’ll get out of it what you put into it! Check back regularly at on our JOBS page for info!

Can I get sponsored by Level 1? [Back to Top]


Level 1 doesn’t actually “sponsor” anyone, but if you want some free gear and think you can hang with the rest of the crew, check out the Superunknown contest!

Can I get stickers? [Back to Top]

YES!  Level 1 makes some pretty fresh stickers in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.  Order some up directly through the Level 1 store!

We’ve also been known to throw in some stickers with larger product orders.

Do you hire? [Back to Top]


Yes- but we’re a pretty small and tight-knit family so we’re only looking for truly exceptional folks when/if we’re bringing someone onto our team.  We do run internships throughout the year, occasionally have openings for editors, filmers, and office staff, and are always interested in working with folks who think they have something special to offer. Check back- job openings will be posted when available.  In the meantime, you’re welcome to contact us at jobs(at)level1productions.com for more info.

Do you produce other content besides skiing? [Back to Top]


Level 1 is a full service production team that’s always looking for interesting projects to get on board with. With a world class group of Directors, Producers, Camera Operators and Art Directors we’re ready to produce your project from the ground up or connect the dots as a part of a team for your commercial, documentary, music video, short film, lookbook or feature.
Check out www.level1.us for our reel and work samples.
For inquiries, quotes, or other info please contact:
Josh Berman
(914) 924-3082

Do you ship to my country? [Back to Top]


Yup! We ship worldwide. We currently offer shipping options through both USPS and Fedex and strongly suggest going with International Priority through USPS or any of the shipping methods offered by Fedex.  First Class International might be the cheapest method, but lack of insurance and tracking info makes this the least reliable option.

How can I become an athlete for Level 1? [Back to Top]

Check out the Superunknown contest- going into our 10th year of what we consider the original (and best!) video talent search contest out there. This is a great way for you to get noticed by Level 1 (and the rest of the ski industry!) and get your name out there.  If you think you’re REALLY special you can skip the contest and just send us a link to your latest mindblowing edit at info(at)level1productions.com!

How can I find shops in my town, that sell Level 1 merch? [Back to Top]

Right now you can either purchase Level 1 gear direct through the Level 1 online store or at our brick and mortar store at 3333 Larimer St, Denver CO 80205.

How can I get in touch with one of the athletes? [Back to Top]


Sorry, we can’t give you their cell phone numbers or personal email addresses- your best bet is to hit them up on their Facebook fan pages.  Check the athlete pages for direct links to their Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts!

How do I become a filmer for Level 1? [Back to Top]


Practice, practice, and more practice.

Once you’ve got your $#!t dialed and you really think you’ve got what it takes to film with one of the hardest working crews out there, send us a link to your demo reel at jobs(at)level1productions.com

How do I become a pro skier? [Back to Top]

Being a pro skier takes years of hard work, lots of skill and talent, a positive attitude, and at least a little bit of luck.  It might be one of the best jobs in the world, but it's a job like any other in the sense that its not all about chicks, parties, and endless pow turns and park laps. Think you’ve got what it takes? See above!

What brands do you carry in the Level 1 store? [Back to Top]

No, our 3333 Store isn’t a ski shop, but in addition to carrying our own branded streetwear and apparel, we also carry our collabs with Skullcandy, Jiberish, Under Armour, Moment, Full Tilt and EC Headwear.  We also will be carrying pretty much anything that was designed by one of our athletes or has their name on it, so look for some fresh products from a few of the other companies we work with as well!

What cameras do you use? [Back to Top]

Every project is unique and calls for a specific set of cameras, lenses, and mounts and there’s not necessarily one camera that really does it all.  We usually carry an assortment of RED Scarlet, Sony FS700, Sony EX1R, Canon 5Ds and 7Ds and have found these cameras to be very well suited to the rigors and demands of action sports and documentary-style filmmaking. We also use GoPro Hero 3+ for all our POV shots!

What editing software do you use? [Back to Top]

We're editing on Adobe Premiere Pro including everything the Adobe Creative Suite has to offer.

Where is my order? [Back to Top]


You can track the status of your order in your account. After login you can change your contact info, see your previous orders and - if ordered via Priority Mail or FedEx - find the tracking number of your shipped orders.


Level 1 works hard to ship orders in as timely and efficient a manner as possible. Most orders received between Monday and Friday are shipped within two business days, though during the Holidays and when back-ordered products are finally in stock, it may take a few extra days to get things shipped.


“Shipped” means the order is packed, labeled, and ready for carrier pick up. Couriers pick up only on business days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays). Pick-up times vary due to driver schedules, traffic, weather, and other factors. Orders shipped late in the day or on weekends may not be picked up until the next business day. Please do not worry if tracking results are not immediately available or if old tracking information appears. Carriers take up to two business days to update information on their web sites. Carriers may reuse tracking numbers and won’t remove old records until they post new activity.


Level 1 is not responsible for undeliverable orders due to incorrect or inaccurate address information provided by our customers, or packages lost in transit, though we'll do our best to help resolve any situations that come up!


International customers: Orders shipped via the Priority International option typically take 6-10 business days to arrive and come with a tracking number. Orders placed with the First-Class International option typically take 2-4 weeks to arrive and do not come with tracking number!


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