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Superunknown X: SEMI-FINALISTS

03/30/13  AUTHOR: SCHUI



With over 100 entries from around the world, the vast majority of them pretty darn solid, and a good half of them really legit, its a brain-melting task to sift through them all and give each of them a fair shake when we're talking about different skiers with different styles, different parks to film in, different snow conditions, different filmers, and access to different cameras and equipment, etc.  A video contest like this is straight up THE singular most subjective contest that we could ever devise- for better or worse it has always been that way and it always will- there's no changing it.  But we still want to make the playing field as even as possible AND give each and every entry a fair shot at making fhe Finals which is why we took so much time this year to do it as best we could.  


We kicked things off by having everyone in the office watch every single entry and give them a raw score based on the "judging criteria" listed in the official rules: 10% Personality, 20% Technical Ability, 30% Style, and 40% Overal Impression for a total score of between 1 and 100.  We then divided these scores by the number of people reviewing the videos and came up with an average score for each entry.  We then took the top 45 scoring entries and put them online for our entire crew of athletes to review and had them get back to us with their top 10 lists.  We then tallied up ALL the votes from our staff and crew and ranked those top 45 in order, awarding Finalist spots to the top 10 scoring entries and Semi-Finalists spots to the 11th through 30th placing entries.  There you have it.  


There's certainly no magic formula and there's no way to make everyone happy but this is the best system that we could come up with.  The differences in scores were minimal and there's really no claiming that one edit is necessarily better than another- just different.  


The toughest decision of all will be left up to everyone on-site at the Finals in Sun Valley, where its going to surely be a next-to-impossible task to chose a single winner.  We'll all be looking forward to seeing how that goes down!  Until then...





10 years deep- the biggest, best, and most long-standing video talent search in skiing is back and better than ever!  Superunknown X brought in over 100 entries from around the world, as the hungriest and most talented up-and-comers in the game try to follow in the footsteps of previous winners and make a name for themselves in the ski video scene.

Every year since the inception of the Superunknown contest the talent pool has gotten deeper and the skills, style, and creativity of the entrants has increased exponentially.  We claim it every year, but to say that this year's judging process was the most difficult yet would be an understatement.  We polled the entire Level 1 staff and our athletes.  We watched, re-watched, and watched submissions again and again.  We scored entries, re-scored 'em, and then sought some more feedback from our crew.  In fact it was so trying that we decided to mix up the awards process and give a shout out to 20 semi-finalists who very well could have been Finalists… it was THAT close.  That being said, props and congrats to Superunknown X Semi-Finalists selections!
Friday, April 5th:
Markus Obwaller
Martin Boulais
Nick Miles
Dylan Manley
Thursday, April 4th:
Robby Franco
Sam Zahner
Mike King
Laurent De Martin
Wednesday, April 3rd:
Brad Bulzan
Kevin Salonius
Sam Hurst
Jens Nilsson
Tuesday, April 2nd:
Lars Tynes
Josh Karcher
Joakim Rignell
Michael Briggles
Monday, April 1st:
Simen Aarseth Gjelsvik
Cedric DP
Andy McDowell
Oscar Wester





About Superunknown:

Superunknown was started in 2003 to help discover and expose the best unsponsored up and coming talent in the game, and give them a shot at making a name for themselves outside of the traditional competition scene.
The first contest of its kind, entrants were asked to submit a simple promo video showcasing their skills, talent, bag of tricks, style, and personality.  No résumés, no still photos, no essay questions (answers on the official entry form are not judged and used for reference purposes only!)- just pure unfiltered video action.  The most impressive skier each year took the title and was awarded a chance to film with Level 1 and given a foot in the door of the industry. 
Now in its 10th year, Superunknown is one of the biggest and best open video contests in action sports with over 100 annual entries coming in from top ams and the best undiscovered talent around the world.
Past Superunknown winners include:
2004 Superunknown I        Corey Vanular
2005 Superunknown II       JD Zicat
2006 Superunknown III      Michael Clarke
2007 Superunknown IV     Tom Wallisch
2008 Superunknown V      Jon Brogan
2009 Superunknown VI     Niklas Eriksson
2010 Superunknown VII    Logan Imlach
2011 Superunknown VIII   Sig Tveit
2012 Superunknown IX     Lucas Stal-Madison
2013 Superunknown X      ???



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